Find Your Perfect Hookah Pipe at Shisha Nova

The perfect hookah pipe can transform a regular evening into something special, so we offer a range of traditional and modern designs. We have something to suit your style, from hand-painted wooden to stainless steel pipes. Here's what you'll find when you shop at Shisha Nova:

Dschinni Hookahs

With unique, innovative designs, industry-leading construction, and first-class performance, it’s no surprise that Dschinni has long earned a place at the top of the list for hookah fans. Dschinni hookahs are the perfect choice if you're looking for a top-quality pipe designed with comfort, convenience, and happiness in mind.

DSH Hookahs

Displaying first-class Russian craftsmanship, DSH hookah pipes are the ideal choice for smokers looking to elevate their experience. Enjoy a next-level product that’s the epitome of luxury and quality performance - all you have to do is kick back and relax.

Kaloud Hookahs

For a sleek, modern smoking experience that offers clean contemporary lines combined with innovation and a commitment to incredible performance, Kaloud hookah pipes are the go-to option. Kaloud embodies innovation and creativity to create cleaner smoke models to elevate the soothing sensation of quality hookah. If you are looking for a pipe to take you into the future, then Kaloud is the perfect brand.

Steamulation Hookahs

Another contender for your new favourite hookah pipe is the Steamulation brand. With a fully adjustable design, Steamulation pipes allow you total control and freedom over your experience, putting you at the centre with add-on sleeves and various sizes and styles.

Why Should You Choose Shisha Nova?

We also provide customers with an unbeatable range of accessories. You’ll find everything from hoses and bowls to charcoal tongs and heat management devices. With our help, you can create your setup at home. With our competitive prices and exceptional customer service, you're buying from the best provider in Canada. You’ll also benefit from the speediest delivery, so what are you waiting for?

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Hookah smoking is a timeless tradition that people have enjoyed for centuries, and now you can experience it in the comfort of your own home. Not only will our luxurious hookah pipes provide you with an unforgettable experience, but they’re also effortless to maintain. With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can enjoy your hookah pipe for years. Shop online at Shisha Nova today to experience the luxury of our high-quality hookah pipes.