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Dschinni Stealth Bomber Purple Rose Hookah

Introducing the Dschinni Stealth Bomber Hookah from Germany. Who doesn't know the background of this hookah? It is a legendary hookah from Dschinni and probably the best-selling stainless steel hookah ever, the name says it all. This is all down to the uncompromising, unrivalled quality that no one has ever matched in this price range [...]

$201.65 USD

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Introducing the Dschinni Stealth Bomber Hookah from Germany. Who doesn’t know the background of this hookah? It is a legendary hookah from Dschinni and probably the best-selling stainless steel hookah ever, the name says it all.

This is all down to the uncompromising, unrivalled quality that no one has ever matched in this price range and even far beyond if you look at the material components alone. Dschinni is the only manufacturer relying on the best combination of glass and high-quality stainless steel.

Glass is not glass, we use high-quality HIGH BOROSILICATE GLASS 3.3, which is mainly used in space exploration and laboratory applications due to its thermal properties and other advantages. Nobody uses such a high-quality and thick-walled glass made of this material and in this quality. Washing out the vase with hot water after smoking should be a prerequisite to ensure that all residues are removed without leaving a trace. We do not restrict the customer in the cleaning process by for example removing the warranty if he wants to wash it out with hot water.

The glass fulfills the requirements easily but you should nevertheless be mindful. The Stealth Bomber features the best glass material on the market.

Of course we don’t use some cheap alloy and mark it under the generic term V2A for stainless steel, we classify it more precisely because we don’t have to hide anything. We use very high quality 304 stainless steel, which is reprocessed after machining and features an excellent surface quality.

The threads are also so finely processed that they just glide into each other and are not hampered by chip residues or burrs.

The Stealth Bomber has of course all sorts of excellent features like the Closed Chamber System, which comes from Dschinni and improves the smoking behaviour significantly. On the one hand it reduces the volume of the vase, which in combination with the proportions of the immersion tube and the vase, makes it much easier to suck by reducing the volume and thus the distance to the water, the result is a higher smoke density in the hookah and then a nice white dense smoke when blowing out.

On the other hand, the airflow enters the vase laminar through the vertical hole and the airflow reaches deeper layers of the vase without turbulences when breaking out of the immersion tube or the base itself and thus creates the prerequisite that all the stale smoke is completely blown out of the vase, which is of course much more pleasant than inhaling the smoke.

At the base there are 4 connectors, 2 dummy plugs which are placeholders, 1 hose adapter with a 14.5 ground joint and a blowout valve to blow the smoke out of the vase on this side. The dummy plugs and the blowout valve can be replaced by additional ground joint adapters and allow smoking with up to 4 people.

While most people simply use 18.8 joints without much consideration, we have deliberately opted for a 14.5 because the smoking behaviour is so much more balanced and does not become unpleasant. It’s the perfect balance of draught and pull control. Experienced smokers know the problem of pulling once and having too much smoke in their lungs. In this way we also protect the tobacco from too much draught and heat on the tobacco itself.

The further advantage with the joint is that we do not need any outdated gaskets that get lost etc. one puts the end piece into the hose and inserts it almost like a magnetic lock, it sits firmly and tightly.

We have an 18. joint on the plate, which makes it easy to get it on and off the plate without having to twist it too much.

The standardized joint makes it possible to attach molasse catchers from Dschinni with an 18.8 joint or further decorative accessories such as the Skeletor etc. etc.

A further advantage is the exchange of heads in case they do not taste good or are done. No matter if you use it privately or commercially, you don’t want to carry around the whole hookah when preparing or exchaning it. With the 18.8 plate joint of the Dschinni Stealth Bomber we can simply remove the plate together with the head and bring it to the right place such as the kitchen or the house and wer don’t have to move or carry the whole hookah.

The immersion tube has a removable diffuser which can be interchanged if you want a classic smoking behaviour with a lot of bubbling. For this you can also use the immersion tube extensions, which keep the water level constant otherwise you would have to fill water into the vase without the diffusor, because you shorten the immersion tube.

The diffusor lowers the noise level and is useful if you want to watch movies or if you want to talk more quietly. Furthermore, a diffusor on the immersion tube makes the smoke cooler due to the surface volume ratio and therefore softer when smoking.

The water resistance is of course also greatly reduced, giving the impression that you are smoking without any resistance.

The Stealth Bomber is a medium sized hookah that looks good on the floor as well as on a table, it is easy to handle and compact but big enough not to lose its elegance. Its smoking behaviour and handling have not made it the best-selling stainless steel hookah for nothing.

Please note that the bowl and hose component of most Dschinni hookahs is sold separately unless stated. All compatible Dschinni hoses, bowls and accessories can be found here. Most silicone hoses with an open end will be compatible and most female bowls with the correct grommet. Please chat with a Shisha Nova specialist if you have any questions or to check accessory compatibility.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 33 × 31 × 25 cm


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