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Hookah Cleaning Tools

Keeping your hookah clean is quite important to enjoy your shisha’s aroma and essence as well as to ensure the long-lasting life of your pipe. It is recommended to do basic cleaning of your shisha after every session and a deeper cleaning every week or month depending on how often you smoke. Get a specialized hookah cleaning kit for the thorough cleaning and scrubbing of your shisha.

Choose from the wide range of cleaning tools that includes cleaning solutions, flexible base brushes, pipe cleaner brushes, and stem brushes. The shisha soft bristle pipe cleaner is designed for cleaning and scrubbing the inside of your hookah’s shaft and down-stem. It is made of a bendable wire material that efficiently cleans the insides. The base brush is perfect for reaching the deep edges of your hookah base. The cleaning solution is a tried and tested product that works like a charm in combination with the flexible base brush to remove stains from your base glass. Order your set of hookah cleaning kits today to keep your hookah collection clean.